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"Most of my childhood reads were about individuals or groups of children going off on thrilling adventures by themselves. There were no parents around, and hardly any adults (except the villains, of course). Sound familiar?" Read more

The silvery moonlight shone through the small window as Abby pushed the makeshift key into the lock and turned it. There was a sliding sound as the lock slowly slid back, and a quiet thud as it hit home.

Abby, her heart beating wildly, gently pushed the heavy door and it swung open.

When the Bakers hear that their cousin Millie will visit their farm for the summer, little do they imagine what a dreary Read more...

"Hand over your weapons!" one policeman commanded Jigson. "Turn around with your hands up high!"

"This is a terrible mistake!" Abby cried, jumping to her feet and rushing to the first policeman's side. "You need to catch those men! This man is not a real criminal, but those thugs who are escaping . . . are!"

The Bakers are full of excitement as they head to the English countryside to celebrate Read more...

"Shhh! Something's up," Andy hissed, not slowing down. The others, too, began rushing up the hill, and it was Phil's turn to quiet them in an urgent tone.

Nothing could have prepared them for what they saw when they got to the top.

"What are they doing?" Emily whispered. "This is our land!"

Phil, Abby, Andy, and Tom discover a mysterious crate hiding an ancient ruby ring which triggers Read more...

The dark beast with yellow eyes came careening towards her at full speed, wrinkling its muzzle afresh in a ferocious display of canines. Too tired to run, too tense to think, too frightened to scream, Abby did nothing as the wolf lunged towards her. Its face was all she could see, its ominous growl the only sound in her ears.

When a hiker disappears with most of the Bakers' camping supplies, they’re stranded in the wilderness with Read more...

Mr. Baker steered too far away from the edge and almost lost a side-mirror against the mountain wall. He touched the brake to regain control and nudged the steering-wheel to the right. In that moment of delay, the SUV surged up from behind and crunched their bumper.

"God have mercy!" he gasped. "They're trying to kill us!"

Mr. Jigson was last seen in the Pyrenees mountains, and the Bakers are determined to find him and help Briosa get to the bottom of the plot against her grandfather Read more...

The glider's nose caught the air and Phil felt the harness tighten around him. In a moment, the cliff was gone and all their weight hung on the thin, triangular wings. The glider dipped in an accelerating dive, and the brothers took hold of the control bar with their yells whistling past their ears.

If the Bakers foil the plan of one villain, could they be furthering the plans of a worse one? When Phil Baker has trouble with an invention he’s building, Detective Mortimer arranges a meeting for him with a mysterious and brilliant inventor. What they discover is an organization with a machine that Read more...


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